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Monday 11 October

St John XXIII (OM) Romans 1:1-7; Psalm 98; Luke 11:29-32 Vatican II Pope John XXIII (1958-63) called the Second Vatican Council and set in motion a reform of the Church that is still unfolding. He died before the Council ended but his legacy lives on. He wanted the windows of the Church to be opened […]

God’s Traveller – Blessed Pope John XXIII (1881 – 1963)

Today, Pope John XXIII is mostly remembered as the instigator of Vatican II. His sometimes controversial “new Pentecost” tells us little of the man behind the reforms he brought about. Yet there’s so much more to tell of this extraordinary man. He was born Angelo Guiseppe Roncalli on a cold, wet November day in 1881 […]

Benedict XVI: The Joy of the Vatican Council

Vatican City, 15 February 2013 (VIS) The following are brief extracts from Benedict’s conversation with the clergy of Rome, held in the Paul VI Hall: “We hoped that everything would be renewed, that a new Pentecost, a new era in the Church, had truly arrived, … rediscovering the bond between the Church and the world’s […]

Vatican II – A Woman’s Perspective

And With Your Spirit ! Vatican II gave us that marvellous metaphor of throwing open the windows to renew, refresh and engage with the outside world. My admiration goes to Pope John XXIII for convening the Council. Such an idea! And from a pope considered to be a caretaker, and within his first 100 days! […]

On Fifty Years after Vatican II

“AGGIORNAMENTO” DOES NOT BREAK WITH TRADITION BUT EXTENDS ITS VITALITY VIS 14/10/2012 “Fifty years on from the opening of that solemn gathering of the Church”, Benedict XVI added, “some people may ask themselves whether that term aggiornamento was perhaps, from the very beginning, not entirely appropriate. For my part I am convinced that the intuition […]

Mary for Today – Part 4

Compromise at Vatican II From Mediatrix to Model: No text could be written to satisfy both sides in Vatican II. The group that saw Mary in parallel with Christ (as type of Christ) continued to urge the definition of Mary as mediatrix or at least as mother of the church. The very title of the […]

Mary for Today – Part 3

The Second Millennium Changing Times: Among the new factors emerging in the church of the second millennium was a growing legal system within church office, an increasingly severe penitential system, and an increasing remoteness from the risen Christ as a saving figure who was now turned into a stern and just judge. Eternal salvation was regarded […]

The Lesson of Vatican II

Maybe Pope John XXIII should have taken the name of Paul. The changes St. Paul sought to bring about in the Jewish religion are strikingly similar to the new values evoked by Pope John. Paul had been a Pharisee, devoting all his energies to the meticulous observance of the detailed Mosiac law and the hundreds […]

Here come the Catholic Evangelicals

A friend recently said that the day of the Vatican II church is over. A shock to me, as I have always regarded myself as part of the Vatican II generation. When Good Pope John threw the windows open expectations for reform went sky high. We were the new People of God, and the Bishops […]