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Price Rise The MM is most grateful to subscribers who pay their accounts on time, and to all those who make donations to help the magazine keep going. Unfortunately, the magazine has made significant losses over the past few years, and consequently, as from 1 February 2019, the annual subscription for the MM will increase. […]


A former top UK judge has likened efforts to oust expression of religion from the public square to Tudor-era persecutions. Sir Michael Tegendhat said soaring numbers of lawsuits involving religion pointed to an increasing denial of human rights. Sir Michael was the UK’s top libel and media judge until he retired last year. His comments […]


It’s dangerous being a Christian in some areas of the world these days. In his article on The Book of Revelation in the October issue of MM, Joseph McHugh remarked that “more Christians died for the Faith in the twentieth century than in any other. The twenty-first is shaping up in similar fashion”. A solid […]