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Sunday 7 June – The Most Blessed Trinity

Evagrius of Pontus was a 4th-century Greek monk. He said, “The mind cannot grasp God. If God could be grasped, God would not be God”. It is well worth bearing this idea in mind when we try to get to grips with the central doctrine of Christian faith, the Most Blessed Trinity, the inner life […]

Francis Speaks

The Most Holy Trinity From the Pope’s homily on Trinity Sunday 2019. He was visiting the town of Camerino, Italy, which had been wrecked in an earthquake in 2016: Today we celebrate the Holy Trinity. The Trinity is not a theological puzzle, but the splendid mystery of God’s closeness. The Trinity tells us that we […]

Sunday 15 June

Trinity Sunday Exodus 34: 4-6,8-9, Daniel 3:52-57, 2 Corinthians 13: 11-13, John 3:16-18 Trinitarian discipleship The Trinity is a mystery to be contemplated. It is also a life to be lived. To seek the God of Love by imitating the life of Jesus Christ his Son with the help of the Holy Spirit living in […]