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At Mass the other day there was a dear little child toddling around, who caught my attention.  Or should I say it was the actions of her mother that sparked off a train of thought. As the child tottered in and out around her parents, her mother instinctively put her hand over the sharp corner […]

Friday 12 August

Ezekiel 16:1-5, 59-63; Canticle Isaiah 12:2-6; Matthew 19:3-12 Tenderness A forgiving heart is not a hard heart, even within a marriage and within family life. Pope Francis writes: “Against the backdrop of love so central to the Christian experience of marriage and the family another virtue stands out… tenderness. The union between the Lord and […]

Icon: Our Lady of Tenderness

Icon of Our Lady of Tenderness, She who points the way, was commissioned in 2012 “for the work of Mary” AMDG & DGH and is privately owned. It was written at the Studio of John the Baptist, Auckland, New Zealand – www.sacredart.co.nz and was blessed and anointed for grace, healing and blessing. The Icon is available […]

On Mary, Tenderness and Poverty

Learning from Mary to keep the Word of God Keeping the Word of God: what does this mean? Do I receive the Word, and then take a bottle and put the word into the bottle and keep it there? No. Keeping the Word of God means that our heart opens, it is open to that […]