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Hato Paora Jubilee Over Labour Weekend 2022 Hato Paora College will celebrate its 75th jubilee – all old boys and their families, and any supporters of the College are invited to join in the celebrations. See www.paora75.org.nz/ World Youth Day Young Kiwis are invited to join a pilgrimage to World Youth Day in Lisbon next […]

What on earth is the Synod on Synodality?!!!

When I was a boy we had a party line telephone in the house. Because we were in the countryside we shared the line with several other households. Each household had their distinctive ring – long, short, long, for example. When you heard your ring, you answered the call. Of course, you couldn’t ring if […]

Opening of the Synodal Path –

Leading to the 2023 Synod on Synodality A certain rich man came up to Jesus “as he was setting out on his journey” (Mark 10:17). The Gospels frequently show us Jesus on a journey. He walks alongside people and listens to the questions and concerns lurking in their hearts. He shows us that God is […]

A Sacrificial Chook!

Quite a few years ago, with a small group, I visited El Salvador and Guatemala. At one parish church in Guatemala, I remember especially the colourful, graphic statues depicting the martyrdom of saints and Jesus’ death.  The parish priest gave us an insightful reflection on the people of the parish, their piety and spirituality. He […]


Archbishop John Dew has contrasted the freedom of speech prevailing at the synod on the family with the atmosphere at a past synod. He said Pope Francis’s invitation to synod members to speak boldly and not to be afraid is creating a new dynamic. The fact that topics like Communion for the divorced and remarried […]