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Gospel Parables in Stained Glass

Jesus often spoke in parables that his listeners could relate to. We have read them or heard them proclaimed often enough, but do we understand them in our culture? Some of them have been enshrined in stained glass, which may help us to understand. Take the Parable of the Foolish Virgins, for example. This window […]

The Assumption in Stained Glass

We celebrate the Assumption of Mary into Heaven on 15th August. There is no scriptural reference to the Assumption, but it has been part of Church tradition since the 4th Century. Pope Pius XII declared in 1950 that “It is dogma revealed by God that the Immaculate Mother of God, Mary ever Virgin, when the […]

Heaven in Stained Glass

November 1st and 2nd are celebrated in the Church as All Saints’ and All Souls’ Days. That might cause you to think about Heaven. Many years ago I had an image of heaven, in which I was just one of millions of  little golden beans, just like the beans in a bean bag. All we […]

Corpus Christi in Stained Glass

The feast of Corpus Christi is essentially, it is a special rejoicing in the Eucharist.

Mary’s Life in Stained Glass (6)

Pentecost The only mention of Mary in scripture after the crucifixion is in Acts 1:14, which states that Mary, the mother of Jesus, met and prayed with the apostles. So she would have been in the upper room with the disciples at Pentecost. Of the windows I have seen of Pentecost, about half feature Mary. […]

Mary’s Life in Stained Glass (5)

The Wedding Feast at Cana On the third day after Jesus’ baptism, He performed His first miracle at the behest of His mother Mary. I wouldn’t like to speculate as to how Mary knew He could change the water into wine, but who can resist an insistent mother? I have photographed ten windows showing the […]

Mary’s Life in Stained Glass (4)

The timeline after the Magi left Bethlehem is uncertain. Jewish law required Jesus to be circumcised at 8 days and be presented in the temple after 31 days, and Mary could be purified 40 days after Jesus’ birth. Luke’s gospel records Jesus’ circumcision, when He was named, then His presentation in the temple in Jerusalem, […]