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Ko Hāta Maria, te Matua Wahine o te Atua – Holy Mary, Mother of God

To celebrate the rededication of Aotearoa New Zealand to Mary, Mother of God, Assumed into Heaven, the Bishops of New Zealand commissioned a new artwork. They wanted a depiction of Mary that connects her to our country. The piece challenges us to see her as a woman of incredible strength and the place she holds […]

MM 50 Years Ago

St Mary of the Angels Choir Mr Maxwell Fernie (below, left) was appointed musical director at St Mary of the Angels, Wellington, in 1958. He became organist as well on the retirement of Mrs G P Aldridge, who had been the organist since March 1925. A native of the parish, Mr Fernie studied in London […]

Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap –

– and the Early Catholic History of Wellington Part 4 of 4 Fr O’Reily was an excellent writer, with an appetite for debate. He engaged in robust, but generally good-humoured, argument with Protestant writers in the colony’s newspapers. Papers of the day were prepared to publish remarkably sophisticated and extended correspondence. Topics O’Reily debated ranged from […]

Fr Jeremiah O’Reily OFMCap

And the Early Catholic History of Wellington Upon arriving in Wellington on 31 January 1843, Fr O’Reily took up lodgings with a Mrs Kennedy somewhere in Cuba Street. He said a public Mass on Sunday 5 February. The unlikely location for this auspicious event was the timber hotel, sometimes simply referred to as a tavern, […]

The Re-Opening of St Mary of the Angels Church

It was an extremely challenging project. In a Gothic-styled Church, the architecture and structure are so closely intertwined that opening any work front has numerous flow-on effects structurally.

St Mary of the Angels: Resurrecting an Icon

It’s tucked away in the heart of the city, an architectural treasure people pass daily: St Mary of the Angels Catholic church. Its garden is an urban oasis, especially during the summer, although many haven’t even peered through the building’s front door. They’ll have to wait. Wellington’s heritage Catholic church, in Boulcott Street, is now […]

Fr Barry Scannell sm – PP of St Mary of the Angels

MM: How have the parishioners coped with the closure of their church? Fr Scannell: The parishioners have been overwhelmingly supportive. It’s inconvenient because they now have to go to four different venues for Mass on Sunday, and we have Mass in the hall during the week, but overwhelmingly they support our decision to strengthen the […]