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Saturday 4 August

St John Vianney Jeremiah 26:11-16, 24; Psalm 69, Matthew 14:1-12 Loving kindness of three servants Suzanne Aubert is a saint. The Roman office responsible for canonisations will eventually confirm what we all know. Suzanne and John Vianney had a profound connection. He encouraged her dream of serving God when others didn’t. The spiritual bond between […]

Icon of St John Vianney, Curé of Ars

St John Vianney’s feast day is 4th August. He has Marist connections and was patron of the Year of the Priest. The cover icon was created in the St John the Baptist Studio, info@sacredart.co.nz . Used with permission.  

Saturday 4 August

St John Vianney, CurE´ of Ars. Influential in Suzanne Aubert’s early life Ps 69; Jeremiah 26: 11-16, 24; Matthew 14:1-12 For the sick Would the death of John the Baptist be the most infamous of beheadings? What an ignominious death! Could we pray to St John Vianney and St John the Baptist that they will […]

Thursday 4 August

St John Vianney Numbers 20:1-13, Ps. 95, Matthew 16:13-23 Harden not your hearts St John Vianney 1786-1859, was a young man who found study difficult. He was eventually accepted for ordination and when ordained a priest he was sent to the parish of Ars which he transformed by his preaching and his extraordinary compassion as […]