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Pope Francis – a Son of St Ignatius

Several interviewers have asked how Pope Francis’ Jesuit background and training have influenced his pontificate. The answer is that it is impossible to separate Francis from his Ignatian Spiritualty and his membership of the Society of Jesus. When the Pope was interviewed by Fr Antonio Spadaro SJ, and asked, “Who is Jorge Mario Bergoglio?” he […]

I believe …

For me, one of the most moving moments at Mass is hearing my neighbour in the pews recite the Creed. Whether or not this is someone that I know personally, it is always a very emotional moment. We are all publicly proclaiming our faith – something that we do not often do in other circumstances. […]

Thursday 17 October

St Ignatius of Antioch (M) Romans 3:21-30; Psalm 130; Luke 11:47-54 or Philippians 3:17–4:1; Psalm 34:2-9; John 12:24-26 Taste and see St Ignatius was the first Bishop of Antioch after St Peter. Both were martyred in Rome, Peter by crucifixion (c. 67 AD), and Ignatius, by wild beasts (c. 107 AD). Ignatius wrote letters encouraging […]

The Helping Hand of Mary

When we pray to Mary we can pray to her anywhere – in the quiet of our homes, at church, on our way to somewhere. We can also pray to Mary at a special pilgrimage site where Mary’s presence is especially honoured. There’s Lourdes in France, Guadalupe in Mexico and Montserrat in Spain, among many […]

Tuesday 17 October

ST IGNATIUS OF ANTIOCH Romans 1:16-25; Psalm 19; Luke 11:37-41 Heart-fulness Our conversion to Jesus Christ happens in our heart. There is no room for duplicity, living apparently as Catholic but having our hearts enclosed within ourselves. St Ignatius of Antioch is one of our giants in knowing this, his heart was for Jesus and […]

Friday 23 October

Romans 7:18-25, Ps 119H, Luke 12:54-59 Consolation In the psalm we read; “Let your love be ready to console me.” St Ignatius of Loyola speaks of ‘consolation’ that leads us to become inflamed with the love of the Creator. Also ‘consolation’ is an interior happiness that attracts a person towards God, leaving the person quiet […]

Thursday 31 July

St. Ignatius of Loyola Jeremiah 18:1-6; Ps 146; Matthew 13:47-53 Take my all This lovely prayer of St Ignatius might be a good way to end the month. It sums up our commitment to God “Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty, my memory, my understanding, and my entire will, All I have and call […]

Identity Crisis

Who are you? Sadly many individuals these days identify themselves with the watch they wear, the car they drive, their clothes, the names they can drop, or the size and location of their house. Unwittingly they are the creation of modern marketing…they’re just brands of merchandise. Others identify themselves with their job status, the sport […]