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Monday 24 January

St Francis de Sales (OM) 2 Samuel 5:1-7, 10; Psalm 89:20-22, 25-26; Mark 3:22-30 Face to face The scribes appear for the first time. Jesus “called them to him.” He knew about the rumours they were spreading about him. Face to face, Jesus responds to them with patience and serenity by telling them parables. Jesus […]

Saturday 23 October

Romans 8:1-11; Psalm 24; Luke 13:1-9 When bad things happen It is clear that accidents and illness are not punishments from God. They happen because something goes wrong through human error, mechanical fault, a quirk of nature. What we call ‘natural disasters’ can often be traced to human mismanagement or greed, and it is humans […]

Monday 4 October

St Francis of Assisi (M) Jonah 1:1-2:1, 11; Response, Jonah 2:3-5, 8; Luke 10:25-37 Simplicity and joy When elected Pope, Jorge Bergoglio chose to be known by the name of today’s saint, finding inspiration in his life of ‘simplicity and joy.’ St Francis’ communion with nature and his love of humanity make him a model […]

Thursday 4 October

ST FRANCIS OF ASSISI Job 19:21-27; Psalm 27; Luke 10:1-12 What Do I Choose? St Francis was not a person to do things by halves. He was totally committed and, in the context of his times, visibly radical – not simply in rejecting his previous lifestyle but in positively choosing a closer following of Jesus. […]

Tuesday 4 October

St Francis of Assisi Galatians 1:13-24, Ps.139, Luke 10:38-42 The better part St Francis must have loved this story of Martha and Mary. He was brought up in a world that fretted about many things, then Jesus spoke to his heart, telling him that only one thing mattered. He listened and that one thing was […]

Sunday 4 October

27th Week Ordinary Time Genesis 2:18-24, Ps 128, Hebrews 2:9-11, Mark 10:2-16 Awareness – Feast of St Francis of Assisi “From the soil, the Lord God fashioned all the wild beasts and all the birds of heaven. These God brought to the man to see what he would call them.”(Genesis). St Francis of Assisi reminds […]

Tuesday 15 July

St Bonaventure Isaiah 7:1-9 ;Ps 48; Matthew 11:20-24 Anger- Peace Jesus was angry and rightly so. His anger was justified, just as it was when he drove the money lenders from the temple. I have been angry, I’m not sure if it was justified – I doubt that it achieved much. Thomas a Kempis has […]

Friday 24 January

memorial of St Francis de Sales I have been chosen David is so filled with the Holy Spirit that in a cave, he respects Saul and does not get jealous as happens so easily. Saul honours David as so favoured by God he will surely be king [1 Sam 24:3-21]. Psalm 56 is a prayer […]

Thursday 4 October

Ps.27, Job 19:21-27, Luke 10:1-12 Mendicants The mendicant lifestyle advocated by Jesus for his disciples in today’s reading from St Luke, a lifestyle which was literally practised by St Francis of Assisi whose feast day it is today, is not one which most of us would wish to espouse. But in reality Jesus’ teaching, and […]

Thursday 30 August

Ps145; 1 Corinthians 1:1-9 Matthew 24:42-51 Death Jesus says – “Stay awake! For you do not know on which day your Lord will come”. It must be sad for those who have lost someone suddenly and maybe difficult for them to come to terms with. They may have doubts about their faith. How would we […]