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How to Judge Others – Fairly

A fourteen-year-old girl entering 9th grade laments that other students have judged and isolated her as being unattractive. A stay-at-home father of young children experiences judgment from others for being lazy, unmotivated and for living off his wife. Canadian singer Céline Dione recently responded on social media to judgments and body-shaming directed at her by […]

Saturday 20 April

Acts 9:31-42, Ps 116B, John 6:60-69 Miracles In today’s first reading we see Peter perform two miracles. Two whole towns converted to Christianity because of them. In those days populations were much smaller and the news didn’t have to spread so far. Yet today we have social media that seems to be very effective. Miracles […]

On Carpe Diem, Ecumenism and Social Media

CHRISTIAN MEANING OF ‘CARPE DIEM’ 27 January 2013 (VIS) – “Each moment can be the auspicious ‘today’ of our conversion. Each day can be the salvific ‘today’ because salvation is a continuous story for the Church and for each of Christ’s disciples. This is the Christian meaning of ‘carpe diem’; seize the day that God […]