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Sunday 21st April

EASTER SUNDAY Acts 10:34, 37-43; Psalm 118; Colossians 3:1-4; John 20:1-9 He saw and he believed. There is a stillness in the early morning hours. A time to be and become present. Our gospel this morning describes that first Easter Sunday morning. Mary of Magdala is off to the grave, actually first thing. It was […]

Friday 12 April

Jeremiah 20:10-13; Psalm 18; John 10:31-42 The Father in me and I in the Father Silence can be a sheer gift. To be able to realise that beyond all that I can say about myself there is always more. Much more. Jesus knows that the Father is in him and that he is in the […]

Praying with the Movies

Silence Directed by Martin Scorcese For 25 years the possibility of Martin Scorcese making his film version of Shusaku Endo’s novel Silence has been a matter of conjecture: Will he? Won’t he? Can he? Now that the film has been released, conjecture and debate continues. For some critics, it’s a major disappointment calling it slow […]

Thursday 1 June

St Justin, Martyr Acts 22:30, 23:6-11; Psalm 16; John 17: 20-26 Taking the plunge When the depth of God’s love invites all to reflect on the unity of being one in Christ. One, doesn’t mean ‘same’, rather ‘in being with.’ From the unique reality which is ourselves, our very being is caught up in God. […]

Monday 17 November

St Elizabeth of Hungary Apocalypse 1:1-4, 2:1-5; Psalm 1; Luke 18: 35-43 Ask for Help Sometimes we have to ask for help, even when everyone around us seems to be trying to deflect attention away from our need. It takes courage and persistence to ignore those who would try and silence us – yet as […]

Saturday 14 June

1 Kings 19: 19-21, Ps. 16, Matthew 5:33-37 Just follow Jesus We live in a time of too much talk. It seems too many swear by their own opinions about life, God, Jesus Christ, pastoral life, the Church etc. Am I one of these? Following Jesus Christ becomes simple when we cut out all those […]

Reflections on Marist Spirituality (4)

These  reflections were first published in 2012 in Tutu- Another Way, written by Adele M.E. Jones with Michael McVerry sm. They are reprinted with permission. [Last paragraph from the April issue]: Fr. Coste says, “a component part of the Marist spirit is the contemplative dimension, integrated into the very heart of the life and responsibility […]

Thursday 26 September

Haggai 1:1-8, Psalm 149, Luke 9:7-9 Power game reversed Powerful people generally silence rivals. Herod the tetrarch is no exception. In the widespread confusion about the true identity of Jesus, he becomes curious. But, like Pilate, his curiosity is not rooted in genuine desire, but political advantage. Like modern-day Communists, he also discovers that merely […]

Friday 12 July

Genesis 46: 1-7, 28-30, Ps.37, Matthew 10: 16-23 Seeking the right words Sometimes ridicule of my Christian belief comes from family and friends. How do I evangelise in this godless climate? Remaining quietly faithful is simply the best action. There can be power in silence. In that silence the right words sometimes come. They are […]

Can You Bear It?

A fleeing member of the Taliban, desperate for water, was plodding through the Afghan desert when he saw something far off in the distance. Hoping to find water, he hurried toward the mirage, only to find a little old Jewish man at a small stand, selling ties. The Taliban man asked, “Do you have water?” […]