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Thursday 4 September

1 Corinthians 3:18-4: 23; Psalm; Luke 5: 1-11 Fisherfolk … all Peter’s boat symbolizes the Church. And the Church’s vocation and deepest identity is to evangelise. So say the four popes who followed His Holiness Paul Vl, echoing his words. They are also adamant that no member of the Church is exempt from the joy […]

Wednesday 4 June

Acts 20:28-38, Ps. 68, John 17:11-19 Seek the truth Knowing or seeking the truth about life keeps us honest to God. Do I relate to the person of Jesus Christ as a man who helps me discover the truth and what it means to be honest before God? God’s love is with me as it […]


I wonder if the Holy Mother gets tired of listening to all those Hail Marys rising up from the faithful. For many the rosary provides beads to fiddle with and a soothing repetitive mantra while their holy thoughts rise free. But in fear of excommunication, I must admit that the sustained repetition of that prayer […]

Monday 12 August

Deuteronomy 10:12-22, Ps.147, Matthew 17:22-27 Circumcise your heart Moses called for an integrated life of worship, which became crusted by external observance. Mary lived true circumcision of the heart. The image suggests vulnerability, openness, cutting away whatever keeps us from intimacy with God. As new covenant people, we’re asked to live with circumcised hearts; worshipping […]

Friday 21 June

St Aloysius Gonzaga 2 Cor 11:18, 21-30, Ps 34, Matthew 6:19-23 Sharing our story Share your story: your faith story, your personal story, the story of your life. What does sharing our story achieve? It strengthens and empowers. It reveals the love and nature of God. Story provides connection, relevance and context. It reveals the […]

Signing yourself with Holy Water

Having written about the Triduum in the last issue, I was asked why, during that time, the Holy Water stoups (or fonts) by the Church doors are left empty. This has had me thinking about why we usually cross ourselves with holy water on entering and leaving a Catholic Church. Like many things in religion, […]

Talking With Mary

We pray to Mary .  The Hail Mary is the most concise, all-embracing prayer one could dream up, and the Rosary enshrines an unparalleled expression of communal devotion. But do we ever talk with Mary? Her life has so many features in it that correspond to our own that we can bring it into our […]

The Parable of the Mangrove (2)

“Now there are two” by Phil Cody sm You may recall (Marist Messenger May 2011) a reflection on ‘The Parable of the Mangrove’?  It outlined some life-lessons I learnt while on retreat near Rockhampton where I met up with a solitary mangrove in the sea.  This year, I was fortunate enough to return there.  You […]