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Monday 19 September

Proverbs 3:27-34, Ps 15, Luke 8:16-18 The beloved disciple The Christ of Holy Saturday descends into the disciple’s life and makes of it a seamless garment (John 19:23). The disciple’s psychology, sexuality, and body are re-woven. As the perfect love drives out all fear (1 John 4:18) the disciple becomes centered. The disciple comes to […]

Pornography: ‘Create in us a clean heart, O God’

“A society that makes light of chastity and winks at pornography in the name of freedom brings on itself precisely those behaviours that involve lack of self-respect, lack of respect for others, and lack of self-control. Society’s confusion about sexuality has consequences beyond sexuality itself. ” Seeking Faith, NZ Catholic Bishops’ Conference website. There’s been much […]

Families and the Long Haul

The new Archbishop of Sydney says that the biggest challenge facing the family today is that modernity has forgotten how to love. In an opinion piece on abc.net, Archbishop-elect Anthony Fisher wrote that “modernity struggles with any kind of love that goes beyond feelings”. “People today are less and less willing to commit, for the […]

Thursday 8 May

Acts 8:26-40, Ps 66, John 6:44-51 Reach out. It appears that the first foreigner to be baptized in Scripture was an Ethiopian eunuch who was normally excluded from religious practices. Phillip heard the Spirit and then travelled on a strange road to meet a “strange” person. Phillip’s yes to opening scripture with someone from a […]

Our Bodies, Our Selves, Our Souls

Reprinted with permission, from The Common Good, a newspaper of the Christchurch Catholic Worker, No 67, Advent 2013 www.catholicworker.org.nz I have been speaking to quite a few people recently about how to speak about sexual activity to young people. How do we help them consider the seriousness of it, when it’s often treated as casually […]