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Friday 10 February

Saint Scholastica Genesis 3: 1-8, Psalm 32: 1-2 & 5-7, Mark 7: 31-37 Emotions motivate Jesus is like to us in all things except sin. Accordingly, he has emotions and displays them. Check out the man’s withered hand in Mark 3, the widow at Nain in Luke 7, the epileptic boy in Mark 9. The […]

February Saints

Saint  Claudine  Thévenet  (1774-1837) Saint  Claudine  Thévenet,  Glady  to  her  siblings,  was  born  in  Lyons  in  1774,  the  second  of  a  family  of  seven  children.  Her  goodness,  gentleness  and  self-forgetfulness  had  a  strong  influence  on  her  brothers  and  sisters.  The  French  Revolution  broke  out  when  she  was  fifteen.  In  1793,  she  experienced  the  tragic  hours  […]