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Saturday 5 January

1 John 3:11-21; Psalm 99 (100); John 1:43-51 Seeing Once again Jesus talks about us. We will see greater things than these. We will see the power of the Risen Lord in the lives of people, we will see signs of the Spirit in the lives of those about us. We will see God’s love […]

Saturday 16 May

Acts 18:23-28, Ps. 47, John 16:23-28 Ask, seek, knock A children’s song has them using their fingers like opening lips (ask), placing their hand over their brow – shielding their eyes (seek) and then pretending to knock on an imaginary door. While reflecting Matthew’s Gospel 7:7 more than the passage from John’s Gospel today, they […]

Friday 13 April

Easter Octave Acts 4:23-37; Ps 118; John 21:1-14 “This day was made by the Lord; we rejoice and are glad.” Our celebration of Easter as an Octave reinforces the fact that no day since has been ordinary, but has in fact been an extraordinary place where the Risen Lord has been accompanying us!

Sunday 26 February

1st Sunday in Lent Genesis 9: 8-15; Psalm 25; 1 Peter 3: 18-22; Mark 1: 12-15 Coping with suffering St Peter is writing from Rome to the new Christians in Asia Minor (Turkey) who are suffering unjustly at the hands of their pagan neighbours, calumny, ridicule, abuse, because of the name of Christ. He indicates […]

Saturday April 30

Acts 4:13-21, Ps 118, Mark 16:9-15 He showed himself in another form Mary of Magdala recognised the Risen Lord when he appeared to her. He showed himself in another form to two others who also recognised him. Two millennia later, Jesus still shows himself in a myriad of forms. How do I recognise Jesus in […]

Tuesday April 26

Acts 2:36-41, Ps 33, John 20:11-18 Mary was weeping Grief is a natural part of life. Everyday there are endings and beginnings. We grieve for the child leaving home, the end of a relationship, at death. The pain of a child leaving is superseded by the joy of seeing the blossoming of the young adult. […]