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Wednesday 29 April

ST CATHERINE OF SIENNA Acts 12:24-13:5; Ps 67; John 12:44-50 Seeing the One Until the birth of Jesus, people’s knowledge of God was incomplete. The prophets had given descriptions of what God was like and there were some revelations of God to certain people. The arrival of Jesus showed us who God is and what […]

The Book of Revelation (7) – Chapters 17:1—19:10

Finally we have arrived at the judgment of the great harlot, the Roman Empire. John is taken in the spirit to the wilderness, from which vantage point he can view the harlot safely, without the risk that he too might be seduced. This is one of John’s most masterful satires. “I saw a woman sitting […]

The Book of Revelation (6) Chapters 15 and 16

Chapter 15 of Revelation begins with mighty praise of God. John sees a “sea of glass mixed with fire,” another image in which John stretches our imaginations. This sea functions as a sort of heavenly Red Sea through which the martyrs have passed. The martyrs play harps and sing “the song of Moses…and the song […]