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Friday 5 September

1 Corinthians 4: 1-5; Psalm 37; Luke 5: 33-39 Here comes the Bride From the middle of the eighth century before the birth of the Lord Jesus, prophets dared to portray God as a bridegroom and Israel as his bride. Our Lord takes up the image presenting himself as the bridegroom and his people as […]

The Book of Revelation (6) Chapters 15 and 16

Chapter 15 of Revelation begins with mighty praise of God. John sees a “sea of glass mixed with fire,” another image in which John stretches our imaginations. This sea functions as a sort of heavenly Red Sea through which the martyrs have passed. The martyrs play harps and sing “the song of Moses…and the song […]

The Book of Revelation (5) Chapters 12 to 14

John now takes an ancient Greek myth in which the dragon Python attempts to kill the newborn son of the god Zeus. The mother Leto fled to the island of Delos. There the son of Zeus, the god Apollo, was born. Apollo very soon kills the dragon. The Romans re-worked the myth into an impressive […]

The Book of Revelation (4) Chapters 7 to 11

The interlude that follows chapter 6 records the sealing of the servants of God. Here 144,000 (12 times 12 times 1000) are sealed, signaling the completeness of God’s promise to save ancient Israel. Also, God’s fidelity extends to a countless multitude of people from every tribe and language and nation. Chapter 6 ended with the […]

The Book of Revelation (3)

REVELATION 4 – 6 We enter a new section of the book of Revelation. In chapters 4 and 5 we are given images of the sheer grandeur and majesty of God and his heavenly court. The centre of the entire creation is God, the source and goal of all things. Remember the letter to Laodicea. […]

The Book of Revelation (2)

Chapters 1 to 3 The inaugural vision of the Risen Christ fills chapter 1. John uses symbols that would be familiar to his first readers/hearers. Jesus is the “firstborn of the dead, and ruler of the kings of the earth,” an echo of Psalm 89:27 where God appoints David by the title “ruler of the […]