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Thursday 15 December

Isaiah 54:1-10; Psalm 30; Luke 7:24-30 All are welcome Isaiah invites the people to ‘widen the space of your tent.’ Can we use the image as an invitation to make space for others? This can be in our country, to welcome refugees; in our family, to invite someone for a meal; in our friendships, to […]

Brownsville Parish Texas Welcomes Immigrant Children

This article is reprinted from The Valley Catholic, the official newspaper of the Diocese of Brownsville, Texas. Used with permission, and with thanks to the Editor, Brenda Nettles Riojas. ‘I see some of them crying as they pray’ Almost every Sunday, more than 100 immigrant children under 18 years of age attend Mass at San […]

Marists on the Thailand-Burma border

Why are Marists on the Thailand-Burma border? I’m a Marist priest, born and raised in Wanganui, ordained a Priest in 2000, and now I’m working in the Marist Mission in Ranong. I’ve been in the mission here for 3 years now. Although there are many challenges and difficulties, I feel a deep joy being here […]

Thursday 17 September

1 Timothy 4:12-16; Ps. 111; Luke 7:36-50 See this woman This is a poignant story of an extraordinary encounter between an anonymous woman and Jesus. A story of the hospitality of Jesus and of love exchanged. Here is an outcast who dares because she is desperate. This reminds me of the migrant refugees, especially the […]

Tuesday 2 December

Isaiah 11:1-10, Psalm 72, Luke 10:21-24 A prophesy Peace and justice will reign. What are we doing to help God’s prophecy come to fruition? Do we attempt to reconcile arguing family, neighbours or parishioners? Do we seek fairness for refugees or immigrants who meet the brick wall of government departments? If we have the gift […]

Mary for Today – Encountering Darkness – Mary the Refugee.

The Flight into Egypt: A real woman lies at the heart of all the Church celebrates about Mary. As I look back on this recent series of articles, I am struck by how human the life of Mary really was, how much she shared the experiences of so many of humanity: the process of giving […]

Friday 4 July

Amos 8:4-6, 9-12;Ps 119a; Matthew 9:9-13 Compassion Jesus invites Matthew to follow Him. The Pharisees question his preference for the less privileged. Is that an eye opener for us? He cures the sick, casts out demons, forgives sinners, counsels the worried. There are many who, through their work, often voluntary, with the handicapped and sick, […]

Saturday 28 December

The Holy Innocents, Martyrs 1 John 1:5-2:2, Ps 123:2-5, 7-8, Matthew 2:13-18 The holy refugees The Holy Family were refugees. In today’s world they would be living in an overcrowded refugee camp somewhere in the Middle East or Africa, along with 4.5 million other refugees – the highest number in history. New Zealand, an under-populated […]

On Refugees and asylum seekers; Parables of Mercy

Refugees and asylum seekers During his visit in early September, Pope Francis selected three words to define the work of the Jesuits and their collaborators at the Jesuit Service for Refugees: serve, accompany and defend. “Serving means to welcome with care a person as they arrive, to reach out to them, without calculation and without […]

The Refugee’s Tale

In offering this work to God I ask you who are about to read it to pray for those who are forced to leave their homelands. Those who this minute, carrying crosses heavy with the sins of the world are fleeing from their countries, stripped of themselves and trapped in camps, or are suffering still […]