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Thursday 22 August

Mary, Mother and Queen (m) Judges 11:29-39; Psalm 40; Matthew 22:1-14 Clothed with Christ The Judges story is appalling, revealing the foolishness of rash vows. Human sacrifice was forbidden (Leviticus 18:21), so priests are unlikely to have fulfilled this holocaust. The daughter spent two months bewailing her ‘virginity’. Many scholars believe she was set apart […]

Marist Messenger — the Early 1930s

By the Editor In the 1930s, the Marist Messenger carried a wealth of information about Pacific, New Zealand and Australian Church history, about Marist history, ministry among Māori, and about Marist and Church personalities. There was also a wide range of devotional material and poetry. This article conveys something of the spirit and ‘flavour’ of […]

Br Raymond (Anthony John) Kelleher SM

Born in Oamaru 15 February 1938 Professed 15 August 1957 Died in Hawkes Bay on 26 June 2018 Thanks to Fr John Walls SM, for this summary of his eulogy. Anthony John Kelleher’s life trip began in Oamaru, 80 years ago. He attended local schools, including St Kevin’s and from there went to the Minor […]

Friday 4 August

St John Vianney Leviticus 23:1, 4-11, 15-16, 27, 34-37; Psalm 80; Matthew 13:54-58 Just as Jesus was not accepted in his home town, John Vianney (1786-1859) was regarded as ‘unpromising’ by his superiors and assigned to a very isolated parish. But sanctity cannot be obscured, and his reputation as preacher and confessor drew thousands back […]

Thursday 17 November

St Elizabeth of Hungary Apocalypse 5:1-10; Ps 149; Luke 19:41-44 Understanding the message Am I like the inhabitants of Jerusalem and fail to understand the message of Jesus Christ? Their city was destroyed in 70 A.D. as a result. Will my ‘city’ be destroyed? We have the benefit of the Gospels and the teachings of […]

Monday 14th December

St John of the Cross [M] Num 24:2-7, 15-17 many neighbours of Israel see God speaks to them. Balaam has a glimpse but does not know God. Who am I like? Mt 21:23-27 even priests and elders who claim to be religious are deprived of the knowledge of God. They hear but do not understand. […]

Friday 20 November

Cant. 1Chronocles 29: 10-12 1Maccabees 4:36-37,52-59; Luke19:45-48 Church amongst us Jesus was angry so he drives out those using the temple as a market place. The temple was a place of worship, not to be used as a market or for those practicing usury. Our temples are wherever mass is celebrated. We are fortunate to […]

Wednesday 4 November

St Charles Borromeo Ps 112; Romans 13:8-10; Luke 14:25-33 Pray for vocations Jesus says – “those of you who do not give up everything you have cannot be my disciples.” To do what Jesus asks is sometimes difficult enough for us. It must be difficult for people to choose to follow Jesus through becoming a […]

Everyone A Priest

What follows is the text of a Sermon Preached by Fr John Rea sm  It happened some time during the exodus.  The Israelites were drawn up in their tribes around the tent of meeting.  They were grumbling and their discontent was aimed at Moses and Aaron.  Then God intervened.  He showed his presence in a […]

Friday 10 April

Acts 4:1-12, Ps 118, John 21:1-14 The power of the Spirit In the first reading Peter speaks boldly to the high priests and officials. He is filled with the Holy Spirit. How confident and clear he is. The scales have fallen off, the doubts have been removed, the forgiveness of his denial gives him strength. […]