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Pope St John Paul II – the People’s Pope

The future starts today, not tomorrow – John Paul II In January 1945, as World War II was ending, the German army began retreating from Poland, providing new freedoms for the people. One who benefitted from the retreat was a young teenage girl named Edith Zierer, who managed to escape from a Nazi labour camp. […]

Monday 11 April

St Stanislaus Acts 6:8-15; Ps 119; John 6:22-29 Living with integrity Stanislaus was a bishop and martyr and is the patron saint of Krakow, Poland. Today’s first reading highlights similarities between Stanislaus and Stephen. Both were holy men who made powerful enemies because they were prepared to speak up for what was right and to […]

Irena Sendler

“When war started, all of Poland was drowning in a sea of blood. But most of all, it affected the Jewish nation. And within that nation, it was the children who suffered most. That’s why we needed to give our hearts to them.” Irena Sendlerowa (Sendler)     In 1999, a Kansas schoolteacher gave four […]