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Friday 3 November

St Martin de Porres Romans 9:1-5; Psalm 147; Luke 14:1-6 Laws are for…..? Good laws are important to follow. Normally they are to protect you and me – our rights, our lives, our property. Sometimes, though, I can make my own opinion a law, and expect others to act in accord with it. It can […]

Friday 18 August

Joshua 24:1-13; Psalm 136; Matthew 19:3-12 It’s not a man’s world! In the tradition of Moses, divorce was the prerogative of the husband. He could dismiss a wife on any pretext whatever. In answering the Pharisees’ question, Jesus seeks to strengthen the principle that marriage is a partnership; that the wife is a person, not […]

The Pharisees – Good Lessons in a Bad Way

Thank you, Pharisees, for the light you gave us in the face of Jesus.