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July Crossword

Solution for June Across: 1 Chaplet, 5 He-men, 8 Rerun, 9 Pallium, 10 Apostles’ creed, 11 Hi-tech, 12 Employ, 15 Parish Council, 18 Droplet, 19 Inept, 20 Psalm, 21 Canings.  Down: 1 Curia, 2 Airport, 3 Lunatic asylum, 4 Tepees, 5 Holy Communion, 6 Maize, 7 Name day, 11 Hyped up, 13 Lectern, 14 Acetic, […]

Sunday 3 December

First Sunday of Advent Isaiah 63:16–17, 64:1, 3–8; Psalm 801 Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:33-37 Clean the house Today marks the first day of Advent and the new liturgical year. It is preparation time. We will soon welcome again into our world and into the ‘home’ of our lives, our most honoured and beloved guest. We […]

The Holy Season Of Lent

A man I once knew used to give up alcohol and cigarettes during Lent. During the rest of the year he consumed both commodities in significant quantities so it was a big effort for him. He was steadfast in his self-denial, and year after year he arrived at Easter Sunday triumphant, with neither a drop […]