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New Zealand Abortion Laws Encourage Deceit

Mention abortion and a lot of people metaphorically block their ears and start humming loudly. At the very sight of the word in this column, some readers will probably turn the page and move on. But this is an issue that refuses to go away. It was re-ignited last week when Hillary Kieft of Stratford […]


At the age of five I was rather worried that I might end up in hell.   I was already convinced that I was a worthless sinner. Born in 1930 and at convent school four and a half years later, I became just another product of the Catholic teaching by the sisters.  We were not […]

Maiden Speech

Recently it has been the season for maiden speeches of new MPs in the NZ Parliament. What used to be a big occasion is now comparatively muted, probably because of the sheer number of new MPs (there are 37 of them in the 50th NZ Parliament) and it would be a marathon to hear them […]