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150 Years of Generosity, Service and Compassion

The Society of St Vincent de Paul When Pope Francis described the kind of church he would like to see, he could have been talking about the vision that inspired the Society of St Vincent de Paul. ‘I prefer a church which is bruised, hurting and dirty,’ said Pope Francis, ‘because it has been out […]

Missions Étrangères de Paris – Paris Foreign Mission Society

Readers of the Messenger over the last couple of years will have seen a few articles sourced and translated from a magazine entitled “Missions Étrangères de Paris”. The magazine bears the name of the religious order that publishes it. The “Missions Étrangères de Paris” has a distinctive place in the missionary history of the Catholic […]

Birth of a Pilgrimage – Miracle at Rayakottai

When Fr Joy bought a farm ten years ago in the little village of Nagamangalam, nothing let him forsee the amazing events which account for the fame of the place today. Thousands of pilgrims are flocking each week to take away water seen as miraculous. One day in 2002, when I was still in charge […]

A Convict Saint?

In the early hours of the morning of the 1st October 1957, Jacques Fesch prepared for his execution in a Paris prison. After kissing the crucifix held by the chaplain he went to his death. He was 27 years old. However, the person who died that day was a far cry from the one who […]