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Tuesday 23 September

St padre pio of pietrelcina Proverbs 21: 1-6, 10-13; Psalm 119A ; Luke 8: 19-21 Thy Will be done … Jesus tells us that obedience binds us closer to him than a flesh and blood relationship can. He could not have expressed the importance of submitting ourselves to the Father more forcefully. And he backs […]

Monday 20 January

My heart leads me to God Returning to the life of Samuel, we are again called to examine the way we see things. Samuel sees Saul as disobeying God but God does not judge like Samuel. More than obedience to rules and rituals, God wants a loving heart and less judgment of others [1 Sam […]

Monday 12 August

Deuteronomy 10:12-22, Ps.147, Matthew 17:22-27 Circumcise your heart Moses called for an integrated life of worship, which became crusted by external observance. Mary lived true circumcision of the heart. The image suggests vulnerability, openness, cutting away whatever keeps us from intimacy with God. As new covenant people, we’re asked to live with circumcised hearts; worshipping […]

Thursday 21 March

Psalm 105, Genesis 17:3-9, John 8:51-59 God remembers Psalm 105 portrays a God who remembers. God remembered Abraham in his obedience, as he was about to slay his son. God remembered Noah in his ark when a flood destroyed every living thing on the face of the earth. God remembered Joseph, sold into slavery then […]

Tuesday 26 February

Isaiah 1:10,16-20, Ps.50, Matthew 23:1-12 A critical obedience Jesus frequently criticised the scribes and Pharisees yet they were the religious authorities and, as such, entitled to the obedience of the people. Through the ages people, including many of the saints, have had difficulties with church authorities. It seems to me that patient, loyal acceptance of […]

Obedience, Easter, Jesus and women

On the Radicalism of Obedience Pope Benedict concluded, “we must also pay attention to the content of Jesus’ prayer on the Mount of Olives. Jesus says: “Father, for you all things are possible; remove this cup from me; yet not what I want, but what you want”. The natural will of the man Jesus recoils […]