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Thursday 14 March

Psalm 106, Exodus 32:7-14, John 5:31-47 The verbs tell the story Psalm 106 tells the story of God’s faithfulness and man’s sinfulness. This is history painted in stark colours. Dark and dreadful verbs tell the story of the people’s disobedience. They ‘sinned … forgot … despised … grumbled … provoked … angered … rebelled […]

Saturday 2 March

Psalm 103:1-12, Micah 7:14-20, Luke 15:1-3, 11-32 Bless the Lord Psalm 103 is one of the most beloved of all the psalms. The psalm is wrapped in an envelope of blessing. The cry ‘Bless the LORD, O my soul’ (NRSV) begins and ends the psalm. The word ‘bless’ originally meant to bend the knee before, […]