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Reciting  the  Creed

I  lecture  to  seminarians  about  Theology,  I  am  teaching  the  ‘Trinity’  paper  at  present.  The  standard  systematic  approach  to  any  theological  question  is:  ‘What  does  Scripture  and  Tradition  have  to  say  about  it?’  Scripture  is  all  found  in  the  one  book,  but  the  Tradition  is  harder  to  define.  The  most  important  texts  after  the  scriptures  […]

That Clumsy Word in the Creed: CONSUBSTANTIAL

The first part of the Creed dates back to the Council of Nicaea (325AD). It was composed in Greek, and was not originally intended as part of the liturgy. This “new” word corresponds exactly to a single word of the Latin text.