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Like the Dewfall

We are hearing a lot of Eucharistic Prayer II in the mass at present. It is the shortest of the Eucharistic Prayers and for many priests it is the one they are most confident with as they adapt to the new translation. Listening to the prayer, the first unfamiliar phrase is in the second sentence: […]

View from the pews

One of the advantages of being editor of the Messenger is that I get to visit parishes all over NZ, and some in Australia, and have the privilege to join in the Sunday liturgies. During this period of familiarisation with parts of the new English translation it has been particularly interesting seeing how people cope […]

Lord God of hosts

Near the end of the first Century Saint Clement, the Bishop of Rome, wrote to the Christians of Corinth. His long letter is one the oldest Christian writings outside the Scriptures. He comments: “For Scripture says: Ten thousand times ten thousand stood by him, and thousands of thousands served him, and they cried out: “Holy, […]