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World Day of the Poor – 15 November

The late Bishop John Mackey of Auckland is quoted as often saying, “It’s a sad and sinful world”, and it is. Much sadness is a consequence of poverty, and much poverty results from greed and sinfulness. Even though “humankind cannot bear very much reality” (T S Eliot, Four Quartets), we need to be aware of […]

Ranong Story

My Big Dream – To Be A Good Translator I also want to help Myanmar migrant children to learn so they can be educated. Most of the migrant children do not have a chance to study because their parents cannot support them. So, migrant children have to work even they are at an age to […]

Growing Hope on the Thailand Myanmar Border

“When you have your health you have everything …” Marist Asia Foundation began HIV Health work in the Migrant Town of Ranong in 2007. Migrants living with HIV AIDS are among the most abandoned in the community. Often abandoned by family, discriminated against at work and in the community, they tend to live in very […]

The Refugee’s Tale

In offering this work to God I ask you who are about to read it to pray for those who are forced to leave their homelands. Those who this minute, carrying crosses heavy with the sins of the world are fleeing from their countries, stripped of themselves and trapped in camps, or are suffering still […]