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St Teresa of Kolkata – Spiritual Principles

Here are the five foundational spiritual principles upon which she based her life and through which she impacted her world. 1. Prayer.  The driving force of Mother Teresa’s boundless energy and compassion was prayer. No matter where she was, no matter how busy she was, no matter how many demands were placed on her, Mother […]

St Teresa of Kolkata Love in Action

Part 1 This is a hall of words. A few days ago we had, in this rostrum, the most powerful men in the world.  Now we have the privilege to have the most powerful woman in the world ….she is much more than I, much more than all of us.  She is the United Nations. […]

Francis Speaks

On where the Pope’s energy comes from It’s a gift of the Lord. When I am visiting a country I forget everything, but not because I want to forget; it comes spontaneously to me to forget, and I’m fully there. This gives me perseverance. I don’t get tired on the trips — I get tired […]

A School for Prayer (7)

The Way of the Desert (1) The Four Imperatives By Fr Craig  Larkin sm, 1943 – 2015 The Abbas and prayer The monks went into the Desert in order to find God, to fight the demons and to pray. But the Abbas were very reticent and discrete about their own inner life. There are very […]

Fr Kelly Concludes

To conclude this book on prayer I would like to draw attention to the fact that prayer is the first and most important duty of any human being. It fulfils the main purpose for which human beings were created. Prayer is the first and most important duty of any human being In order to develop […]