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Wednesday 30 May

1 Peter 1:18-25, Ps 147B, Mark 10:32-45 The word is love Meister Eckhart says, All beings / are words of God, / His music, His / art. Sacred books we are, for the infinite camps/ in our / souls.” My heart races with excitement just hearing that the word of God lives in me, that […]

Sunday 14 August

Twentieth Week in Ordinary Time Isaiah 56:1,6-7, Ps. 67, 2 Romans:11:13-15,29-32, Matthew 15:21-28 God of all God is Immanent and Transcendent, Personal and Divine. God is within every person. Yet God is not ours exclusively because we belong to a certain church or faith community. We have many images of God yet God is the […]