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Marist Spirituality – An Introduction – Part 10

A Spirit and a Body

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 9

Instruments of Mercy “…  Lie at the heart of the emotion, time Has its own work to do. We must not anticipate Or awaken for a moment. God cannot catch us Unless we stay in the unconscious room Of our hearts. We must be nothing, Nothing that God may make us something…” Patrick Kavanagh, Having […]

Marist Spirituality – An Introduction

Part 8 One in Mind and Heart

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 7

One ‘Yes’ Three ‘Nos’

Marist Spirituality An Introduction

Hidden and Unknown How to do Good Today The Acts of the Apostles tells us, “All the apostles joined in continuous prayer, together with several women, including Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (1:14). Jean Coste, (the Society of Mary’s foremost historian and leading expert on Father Jean Claude Colin), noted that […]

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction – Part 5

Marist Spirituality An Introduction – Part 3

Bugey Mountain Villages: 1825-29 A Contemporary Marist Writes “In the theology of the day, God was a demanding God of justice and atonement rather than a God of love and infinite mercy. The rigourist approach then in vogue in France was what Colin had learned at the seminary and one of its characteristics was either […]

Le Puy-en-Velay – the beginning of the Journey

Le Puy-en-Velay is of great significance in the Marist story.  It was there that the initial inspiration for the founding of the Society of Mary took place.  It was, in that sense, the beginning of the Marist journey.  It is also the starting point of the most famous of all the Camino pilgrimage routes that […]

Marist Spirituality An Introduction – Part 2

Cerdon – Rural France – 1816 – 1822. The Marist story, and hence our spirituality, began at one level with a small group of seminarians. They saw the exciting prospect that Mary herself was taking an initiative in calling for a diverse group to do ‘her work’. It would seem from their fervent talks together that they had concluded […]

Marist Spirituality: An Introduction

Spirituality:  The Gospel Applied to a Time and Place QUESTIONS TO PONDER 1. Where are you with God? What seed of ‘new life’ has God perhaps planted in your thoughts and hopes? 2. What passage or scene do you find most inspiring, comforting, challenging in the Gospel?  3. How helpful to you is it to […]