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Marist Mission in Bahia

The Mission of the Society of Mary in Bahia, Brazil, began in 1987. This happened after much research in order to find a diocese that was located in a poor area of the country where we could offer support, not only in parish ministry, but also to the diocese as a whole. The idea was […]


Marists on the Thailand-Burma border (2) Mercy in Action In last month’s article I wrote about the joy of living and serving in the Marist Mission among Burmese migrants on the Thailand-Burma border. I think I have grown in Marist mercy coming here to the Thailand-Burma border. I have come to realise when you are […]

Marists on the Thailand-Burma border

Why are Marists on the Thailand-Burma border? I’m a Marist priest, born and raised in Wanganui, ordained a Priest in 2000, and now I’m working in the Marist Mission in Ranong. I’ve been in the mission here for 3 years now. Although there are many challenges and difficulties, I feel a deep joy being here […]