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The Marist Hermitage

The young priest eased himself down on to a handy outcrop of rock, relaxing after the five kilometre walk up from St. Chamond. Summertime, and the rock was pleasantly warm, inducing an easy drowse – broken by a “Morning, Father. You’re the new curate here in the parish. Saw you there at Mass last Sunday.” […]

A Short History of the Marist Brothers

Part 4 of 4 If we Marists can pride ourselves on our progress and achievements in the middle of last century, I don’t think we can do as much in the field of inter-Marist relations. Our congregations have, for the most part, gone their separate ways, with little contact except at the levels of leadership […]

A Short History of the Marist Brothers

Part 3 of 4 As we have seen in Fr Poupinel’s letter of 1865, the close association of the congregation and the Society of Mary continued in the founding of the schools. It was Marist vicars-apostolic and bishops who invited the brothers to their missions and dioceses and Marist priests who asked them to open […]

St Patrick’s Church, Sydney (4)

Marist Brothers On July 23, 1816, twelve seminarians, aged between 20 and 34, eight having been ordained the previous day, climbed the steep steps to the top of the hill of Fourvière, Lyons, and there, in the small chapel dedicated to Our Lady, they promised to work at beginning a new religious order in the […]

St Marcellin Champagnat 1789 — 1840

I joined a group of students saddened at the chaotic and depressed state of the Church in post-Revolutionary France, and together we forged the shape of a new kind of priesthood

Marist Alternative Education

North Shore, Auckland Marist Alternative Education is hidden away in a commercial block on Auckland’s North Shore. It is a place where education happens in an alternative space and in an alternative style. Initially, the centre was coordinated and staffed by Marist Brothers, impelled by the charism of Marcellin Champagnat that no child be left […]

23 July 1816 : The Fourvière Pledge

  Fourvière – the beginnings and the end of the beginning Nothing is quite like the launching of a new and uncertain venture, in its unique turmoil of vision, passion, fear and risk. Dream and daring struggle with despair and failure. Yet the urgency is compelling, the challenge unrelenting. For Marcellin Champagnat, the Fourvière ceremony […]

Our Lady of the Hermitage

A Project without Frontiers (courtesy of “Presence Mariste” a quarterly magazine published by the Marist Brothers of the Hermitage province, no. 264, July 2010, p 26) I came for the first time to Our Lady of the Hermitage in 1975 for a gathering of the Brothers of Catalonia (1). At that time there was a […]