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Mary in the Laundry

On the window sill of our laundry sits a statue of Our Lady. It’s not even a proper statue. It’s a plastic moulded bottle in the shape of Our Lady of Lourdes and it has a pin-sized hole in the bottom. On one side of the statue sits a pink plastic peg and on the […]

Fr Jean-Claude Colin sm

MAY EDITION: In this edition we are re-introduced to Fr Colin, founder of the Society of Mary. Fr Ron Nissan paints a brief portrait of the life of Fr Colin and what brought him to found a religious order dedicated to Mary. This portrait of Fr Colin as a young man was painted by Sydney […]

God Eternal

In the mystery of God there are three things that boggle my imagination – the unchanging nature of God, the eternal nature of God and, as a consequence of the first two, the enduring nature of God. Since I am human all I know is change, so I cannot imagine God as an unchanging entity. […]