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Mary for Today – Mary for the Third Millennium (2)

Mary, Model for the Church In an insightful comment Karl Rahner reminded us that it was the image of the woman Mary that enabled the church in past centuries to prevent society, with which it was too uncritically identified, from setting up a purely patriarchal domination. He adds that the Church had to learn slowly […]

Friday 2 September

Col 1:15-20, Ps100, Luke 5:33-39 There is Only One Saviour Respect the sincerely held religious beliefs of others we must. But concede that salvation can come by any means other than through Jesus Christ, never! Colossians 1:15-20 is a ringing affirmation of the centrality of Jesus Christ in God’s plan of salvation. “God wanted all […]

Beatification of Blessed John-Paul II

Excerpts from homily Dear brothers and sisters, today our eyes behold, in the full spiritual light of the risen Christ, the beloved and revered figure of John Paul II. Today his name is added to the host of those whom he proclaimed saints and blesseds during the almost twenty-seven years of his pontificate, thereby forcefully […]