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Crossword for April

  Solution for March 2015 Across: 1 Avenger “Begins with a Latin greeting” -Ave 5 Depth, 8 Pectoral Cross – Anagram “closes carport” indicated by “destruction” 9 Arc – Anagram “car” indicated by “bent” 10 Gregorian, 12 Amoral, 13 Red Sea, 15 Anamnesis, 16 Ass, 18 Industrialist – Anagram of “Diarist insult” indicated by “upsets” […]

Proclaim with Wonders by John Rea sm; You Visited Me, by James B Lyons

Proclaim with Wonders by John Rea sm Reviewed by Glen McCullough Pleroma Press 2013, 167 pages, RRP $29.99 Written as a sequel to Fr John Rea’s “Witness to Wonders”, this book sets down over 100 stories of miracles of healing as told by those who were healed.   Fr Rea’s intention is to show how […]