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Tuesday 12 February

Genesis 1:20-2:4; Psalm 8; Mark 7:1-13 God’s image We are made in the image of God, and this can never be lost. Our likeness to God may be damaged, and even lost, through our wilfulness and sin. The Lord always calls us back, though, just as he called the Pharisees and scribes, for he has […]

Thursday 12 July

Hosea 11:1-4, 8-9; Psalm 80; Matthew 10:7-15 The loving kindness of God encloses me What a wonderful image of God is presented to us by the prophet Hosea. Despite the times Israel turned away to follow foreign gods, the loving kindness of God enclosed them. The image is of a parent teaching a child how […]

Who are you, Jesus? (2)

‘Our Wisest and Dearest Friend’- Part 2 Considering ‘who are you Jesus?’ in the December Messenger, we took part of the phrase from Aquinas that Jesus is our wisest and dearest friend. This month, let’s consider our wisest friend. We all have times when something happens, or we are confronted by a decision, and are […]