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Tuesday 7 March

Isaiah 55:10-11; Psalm 34; Matthew 6:7-15 How to pray The Lord’s Prayer is not an instruction as to what to pray, but rather, how to pray. It teaches us to keep it simple, to use our own words, to be open and honest with God, to tell him our needs and to ask for his […]

Tuesday 11 March

Isaiah 55:10-11, Ps 34, Matthew 6:7-15 Pray like this In his humanity Jesus understood how much easier it is to connect with a God we are permitted to address as “Father”. In the same way, he understood our need for practical help to live together harmoniously and prepare for God’s kingdom: he thus describes our […]


I wonder if the Holy Mother gets tired of listening to all those Hail Marys rising up from the faithful. For many the rosary provides beads to fiddle with and a soothing repetitive mantra while their holy thoughts rise free. But in fear of excommunication, I must admit that the sustained repetition of that prayer […]