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Wednesday 10 December

Isaiah 40:25-31, Psalm 103, Matt. 11:28-30 God’s greatness Who made the stars and calls each by name? The whole earth and all in it? Our God, so powerful, so strong, so much vigour, so loving. As we pray to him, year in and year out, we perhaps become too familiar. We forget his immensity of […]

Friday 6 June

Acts 25:13-21, Ps.103, John 21:15-19 Be lead by God The time after receiving Holy Communion is a good time to reflect on how much I love God. Am I still following Jesus Christ or am I parked up in some comfortable Christian niche. There are many times in spiritual life when we are lead by […]

Monday 29 July

St. Martha Exodus 32: 15-24, 30-34, Ps. 106, Matthew 13: 31-35, or John 11: 19-27, or Luke 10: 38-42 Ringing true Martha’s declaration of faith is as fine as any found elsewhere in the gospels. Can I make the same declaration today and mean it? Can I, when I receive Holy Communion and Jesus is […]

Sunday 4 November

THIRTY FIRST WEEK OF ORDINARY TIME Deuteronomy 6:2-6, Ps.18, Hebrews 7:23-28, Mark 12: 28-34 Perfect love The greatest commandment – “ you must love the Lord your God with all your heart…” demands total commitment. How is this possible? God himself has provided the means for us through the perfect sacrifice of Jesus. Now we […]

Monday 24 October

Romans 8:12-17, Ps.68, Luke 13:10-17 Prayer after communion Jesus is in tune with my needs, my weaknesses no matter the day of the week. If I put myself into his healing presence he will not fail me because of some man made law. A good time to be close to him is after Holy Communion. […]