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Saturday 22 April

Acts 4:13-21; Psalm 118; Mark 16:9-15 Proclaim the Good News Like the Eleven, we may sometimes be obstinate and incredulous. Yet the Lord has chosen us from before the beginning of time to proclaim the Good News of God’s love to the ends of the earth by living the Good News to the best of […]

Sunday 11 December

Third Sunday of Advent Isaiah 35:1-6, 10; Psalm 146; James 5:7-10; Matthew 11:2-11 Good News We are so familiar with these words of the Gospel: ‘the blind see, the lame walk, lepers are cleansed and the deaf hear. The dead are raised to life and the Good News is proclaimed to the poor.’ Do we […]

Tuesday 7 June

1 Kings 17:7-16; Ps. 4; Matthew 5:13-16 Salt, light and life The kindness of the widow and her son towards Elijah is rewarded. They will not go hungry despite the famine ravaging the land. God’s gift of life to us is Christ – a gift of eternal abundance not famine. This life is the salt […]

Tuesday 26 April

St Mark, Evangelist 1 Peter 5:5-14; Ps 89; Mark 16:15-20 Good News for all There is something simple but all-encompassing in the message Jesus gives to the Eleven in today’s Gospel: ‘Go out to all the world; proclaim the Good News to all creation.’ There is no one and no thing excluded from that command […]

The Good News

We get so used to some things that their significance becomes lost to us. St Paul refers often to the “Good News” he proclaims. It was good news indeed – a doctrine of love… of a spirit-filled life and of hope in the next life. Good News indeed! The Old Testament was all about this […]

Monday 11 January

FIRST WEEK IN ORDINARY TIME (Year 2) 1 Samuel 1:1-8; Ps 116; Mark 1:14-20 The time has come Each new day provides us with a chance to repent and believe the Good News more deeply, and to follow the Lord more closely. Am I as open as I can be to whatever the Lord is […]

Thursday 14 May

St Matthias, Apostle Acts 1:15-17, 20-26, Ps. 113, John 15:9-17 Witness to His resurrection This apostle was selected from the disciples of Christ to act as a witness to Jesus’ resurrection, replacing Judas who betrayed his Master. From being a disciple – a pupil learning the Good News of salvation – Matthias was commissioned to […]

Wednesday 15 April

Acts 5:17-26; Ps 34; John 3:16-21 God so loved the world Jesus came not to condemn the world but to save it. His actions were fundamentally positive. There were aspects of the world that he challenged but he came to save us, to bring us out into the light – the Good News that sets […]

Saturday 11 April

Acts 4:13-21; Ps 118; Mark 16:9-15 Proclaim the Good News Today’s appearance account from Mark has Jesus telling the disciples off for their lack of belief in the resurrection. He seems a bit exasperated. Understandable really. But Jesus never writes us off, he speaks the truth and then calls us to go out and proclaim […]

Sunday 22 February

First Sunday in Lent Genesis 9:8-15; Psalm 25; 1 Peter 3:18-22; Mark 1:12-15 Faith and repentance In Baptism we died with Christ and rose with him to share in his resurrection; to share in the new life of the Good News of God’s kingdom. This new life lived now reaches beyond this earthly life. This […]