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The word for the garden is from the Aramaic word gat-smane, which means oil press, and indeed the alternate name was the garden of olives. Almost surely there would have been an olive press nearby to extract the oil. “Agony” was a technical term used at the time for athletes, much like the warm-up we […]

A meditation on the Cross

There is a forest called Gethsemane or the New Eden. The forest began with one Crosstree. Each year more trees grow up around the first tree. The bark of each tree bears the distinctive red marks of a Crosstree. The red marks appear to go right through the tree; yet the tree lives. Sap oozes […]

The Gospel of Matthew – Part 7

This is the final installment of Joe McHugh’s series.The chapters covered are featured in the liturgy of Holy Week. Chapters 26-28: Jesus the Messiah suffers, dies and is raised The chief priests and elders decide to put Jesus to death, but they caution one another, “Not during the festival, or there may be a riot […]