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August Crossword

Solution for July  Across: 1/1D Simeon Stylites, 4 Shucks, 9 Yankees, 10 Laity, 11 Inaccuracies, 13 Expand, 15 Amoeba, 17 Serial number, 20 Evade, 21 Trifles, 22 Twenty, 23 Sneaky. Down: 2 Mensa, 3 Overconfident, 5 Holy Communion, 6 Chinese, 7 Soya, 8 Usury, 12 Sacristy, 14 Prelate, 16 Sloth, 18 Balsa, 19 Lent The […]

This Month’s Cover

Side altar from St Martin’s Church, Bamberg, Germany. The church is being renovated, and the side altar is temporarily being used  as the main altar. The sculptor is unattributed. Photographs Glen McCullough

December Saints

Blessed Liduina Meneguzzi   (1901-1941) Elisa Angela Meneguzzie was born in 1901 in Giarre, Italy. From her humble farming family, she learned strong values of honesty and faith. As a child she also formed a deep spirit of prayer, and would walk two kilometres to attend daily Mass. She loved her catechism, was happy to […]