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Marist Spirituality: An Introduction

Spirituality:  The Gospel Applied to a Time and Place QUESTIONS TO PONDER 1. Where are you with God? What seed of ‘new life’ has God perhaps planted in your thoughts and hopes? 2. What passage or scene do you find most inspiring, comforting, challenging in the Gospel?  3. How helpful to you is it to […]

From Small Beginnings

The Story of St Marcellin Champagnat The teacher sat at his place in front of the class and looked around for a boy to read to him. His eye lit on a newcomer and he beckoned him to come up. Timidly, the child approached, but just as he arrived, another pupil pushed in front of […]

Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church

Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church Part 1 of 2 In particular, Fr Colin, the Founder of the Society of Mary, drew inspiration from Mary’s presence and activity in the early Church. But how could he do this? As we have seen, after the mention of Mary among the disciples […]

Disciple of Her Son: Mary in the Life of the Church

The Society of Mary Part 1 of 2 In the early morning hours of 23 July 1816, twelve young men made their way on foot from the diocesan seminary of St Irenaeus across the Saône River and up the Montée Saint-Barthélemy to the top of the hill of Fourvière which overlooks the city of Lyon, […]

The City of Lyons in Early Marist History (1)

The City of Lyons Early traces of settlement in the area of Lyons date from 12,000 BC. There is no evidence of continuous occupation until the Romans arrived, and the city was founded by Lucius Munatius Plancus in 43 BC. The first French martyrs, forty-eight of them, died for the faith on the hill of […]

Fourvière Pilgrimage: Dare to Dream

I often say to young people at the end of overnight retreats to go gently back into their realities and not to expect their families and friends to understand the experience they have been on. It can be a little disheartening when you share this kind of personal experience with others and they don’t get […]

From Fourvière to Ross

Fourvière On 23 July 1816 twelve men committed themselves to forming a religious congregation of ‘Mary-ists.’ They did this in the Chapel of the Basilica of Notre Dame de Fourvière in Lyon, France. A good part of this issue of the Marist Messenger is devoted to remembering and celebrating this event. The commitment those men […]

Going with God

The wind goes wherever it pleases. You can hear its voice but you can’t hear its sound. John 3:8 As readers may recall from the first part of my pilgrimage story, I decided to abandon my DIY ‘I can do this alone’ ideas to let God direct operations instead. I have to say, it’s fun […]