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Talking About Spirituality Today: 10

Five Gospel Loves: e] Community and Solitude We come to the fifth and final Gospel love: community and solitude. Community Our human needs and desires are part of a larger pattern in life. Consider the two forces that hold the universe together: contraction and expansion. The force of gravity keeps everything in place. Without that […]

Talking about spirituality today – 8 – Ministry and Leisure

Five Gospel Loves: Ministry and Leisure We have discussed self-acceptance/self-denial and prayer/humour. We come to the third Gospel love – ministry and leisure. Ministry ‘Ministry’ is used here not to describe those with public roles in the Church’s life – priests, religious or ‘lay’ ministers. The word denotes the other side of the universal call […]

Talking About Spirituality Today: Five Gospel Loves:

 b] Prayer and Humour We saw last month the ‘must’ from Jesus – to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. In our lives, then, it is imperative that we put aside time for God, namely, we pray. But is it just a command laid on us from outside? […]