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Sharing the Good News

I often find that God teaches me through everyday events and circumstances.  There was one such late last year, so I thought I would share this with others. At the end-of-school-year prize-giving events and other end-of-season events for 2021, my grandchildren achieved well, each in their different ways in one or more of academic, sporting […]

St Paul, Evangelizer – Ways out of Ourselves

St Paul the Evangelizer Pope Francis on the attitude of the good evangelizer: open to all, ready to listen to all, without exclusions. The example given by the Pope is that of the Apostle Paul in the Areopagus proclaiming the name of Jesus Christ among the worshippers of idols. According to the Pope, the way […]

Economic Crisis, Indigenous Peoples, Evanglisation, Arab Spring

God’s Logic different from ours A key point in which God and man are different is pride: God has no pride, because He is absolute fullness, and is completely given to love and the giving of life. In us, on the other hand, pride is deeply rooted and requires constant vigilance and purification. We, who […]