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Readers’ Responses

Mike Baird to the the Focus Editorial on Christmas: I agree whole-heartedly that Advent is the great antidote to “Xmas”. Over the past couple of years I have tried disciplining myself to wring out out all the juice that Advent provides.  It’s a marvellous period of preparing, waiting, expectancy. It’s probably the one period of […]

The Year of Living Biblically

Commentary on A J Jacob’s Book, by Elizabeth Isichei Browsing in  our local library the other day, I came across a book by A J Jacobs called, The Year of Living Biblically. I could hardly wait to get it home. Did he give all his possessions away like St Francis, or serve the poorest of […]


I have just finished reading a wonderful book, as absorbing as a novel- in fact more absorbing than many novels- An Infinity of Little Hours by Nancy Klein Maguire, the story of five young men who tried their vocation with the Carthusians in the early 1960s. I got hold of it with difficulty. I ordered […]