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Wednesday 15 July

St Bonaventure, B.D. Exodus 3:1-6, 9-12 Psalm 103, Matthew 11:25-27 Simplicity In his prayer of gratitude, Jesus is comparing belief based on ideas about God, and the simple knowing of God in the heart. On our own journey, we know how head and heart work together. The head has words. The heart has no words, […]

Monday 9 December

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Is 35:1-10, Ps 84:9-14, Luke 5:17-26 Co-operating with the divine will Devotion to Mary is devotion to one who draws us, more than any other Saint, to God, through her son Jesus Christ. Mary’s conception without original sin was God’s gift to the one he chose to […]

An Attitude of Gratitude

I have been travelling of late. I am lucky enough to be in a job where I am expected to go on sabbatical and write learned articles. That is what I am engaged upon at present. Travel is said to broaden the mind and I am experiencing something of that. Other cultures do things differently, […]

With Blessed Joseph her Spouse

In this Year of Faith we are celebrating 50 years since the opening of the second Vatican Council. One of the things that John XXIII (Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli) did to ensure the success of the Council was to put it under the patronage of St Joseph. In doing this he would have been aware of […]

September Crossword

Solution for August  Across: 7 Novena – Anagram of “one van” indicated by “produces” 8 Qumran, 9 Khan, 10 Trail mix – anagram of “Marx Lit I” indicated by “study…reveals” 11 Gradual, 13 Stilt, 15 Spoof, 17 Wise Men, 20 Lot’s wife, 21 Rota, 22 Oblate, 23 Sister – anagram of “resist” indicated by “confusion” […]

Talking With Mary

We pray to Mary .  The Hail Mary is the most concise, all-embracing prayer one could dream up, and the Rosary enshrines an unparalleled expression of communal devotion. But do we ever talk with Mary? Her life has so many features in it that correspond to our own that we can bring it into our […]

February Saints

Saint Paul Miki (d 1597) Paul was a member of the noble Miki family, a samurai clan of Harima Province, Japan. He was educated by the Jesuits in their missionary seminary and joined the Society of Jesus in 1580. Famous as a preacher and evangelist, Paul was arrested by the officials of the taiko of […]

My Name is Written in the Heart of Our Lady

‘Devotion’ covers a much wider and freer area than ‘Liturgy’. When we engage in an act of devotion we can draw on symbols and prayers well beyond those found in the liturgical books of the Church. The interaction between liturgy and devotion in Church History is a fascinating field of study. Liturgy is universal throughout […]