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Wednesday 27 October

Romans 8:26-30; Psalm 13; Luke 13:22-30 I hope in your loving kindness There is urgency in Jesus’ words as he makes his way to Jerusalem. He knows his time is limited and there is so much still to be done. We know ourselves that there is never enough time, yet we still waste so much […]

Wednesday 16 August

Deuteronomy 34:1-12; Psalm 66; Matthew 18:15-20 Playing fair Communication is as important as air and water for healthy life. Many disputes, law-suits and even violence come from poor or mis-communication. Talking with and not at each other, listening as well as speaking, are necessary building blocks for any community to grow well. Recognising the presence […]

Thursday 3 August

St Dominic Exodus 40:16-21, 34-38; Psalm 84; Matthew 13:47-53 Preaching and persuasion were the tools of this 13th century founder of the Order of Preachers, the Dominicans. Personal study and prayer gave strength and credibility to his witness. The dragnet with which Jesus compares the ‘kingdom’ is like the voice cast out to listeners. Some […]